Cousin and Familiy Reunion

I opened the letter from my aunt and read with amusement as it announced a family reunion. The reunion was to be held at a scout camp and would be a rustic retreat and a chance for us to renew old families ties. The date of the reunion fit in with my schedule as I was on fall break from the university,so I decided to attend. I sent in my fee and made plans to see cousins I had not seen in years.

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The weekend of the reunion I arrived early and was somewhat surprised that the accommodations were indeed spartan. All of us were to sleep in a huge barn, in which cots had been placed on the floor. No provisions had been made for privacy whatsoever. There were, however, six fairly large bathrooms in the barn, with showers.

At 55, I was one of the oldest in attendance. Apparently most of the older generation had realized that this was not going to be a luxurious weekend and had opted to stay away. As one of the older generation, I did not really know most of the family. Most of the cousins were in the 20s and 30s, and they had brought their spouses and children with them,who were for the most part total strangers to me.

Friday night we cooked a hog and opened a few kegs of beer. Needless to say, most of the adults drank a little too much. As we turned in for the night, I could tell that sleep was going to be hard to come by because of the snoring from the crowd in the barn.

At about 2 a.m. I got off my cot and went outside and stretched out on a hammock hung between two trees a few hundred feet from the barn. I removed my pajamas and relaxed in my boxers, thinking no body would see me. About an hour later, I felt the hammock move and heard a sultry voice say, “cousin, how about some company?” and opened my eyes to see one of my younger cousins standing by the hammock.

“Brenda, what are you doing here” I asked her. “Too much noise in there, with the snoring and farting” she replied.

I looked at Brenda. I knew she was a first cousin, but I had not seen her before tonight. I knew she was 25 years old and married to a 40 year old man. She was about 5′ 7” tall and 130 pounds, with long brown hair. She had nice firm tits and a great looking ass, as I remembered from earlier in the evening.

“Mind if I crawl up there with you?’ she asked. “Come on” I said. As she climbed into the hammock, my cock came out of my boxers and became semi-erect. “Don’t get any ideas, old man cause we’re cousins, and I’m married anyway” Brenda said and she squirmed into the hammock,placing her back into my stomach so that we were spooning.

I placed my arms around her, taking care to not touch her breasts, which were still covered with her nightgown. But her gown had moved up past her panties, and my cock was now pressed against her ass split and it began to harden.

Brenda reached back and flipped my cock with her finger, the sudden pain deflating my cock. “I told you, no funny stuff” she said.

“Sorry, couldn’t help it, your ass is so beautiful and tempting” I told her.

“Is that so” Brenda replied, and then shoved her ass against my cock, now hardening again. Now she began to move around. I moved a hand to one of tits, and began to kiss her neck and ear. I continued this for a few minutes, then Brenda turned over a little, giving me better access to those wonderful tits. “oh hell, I’m horny, and I sure as hell can’t get fucked in that barn even if that slaggard I’m married to could get a hard-on more than twice a week, so lets see what kind of a lover you are, cousin. I’m going to give you free rein to do whatever you want to do.” I began to suck on her right nipple, then on the left nipple, then tried to put as much of the tit in my mouth as possible. Brenda was now moaning and telling me to go for it old man.

I got off the hammock and moved my face to her stomach, washing her stomach with tongue. Brenda began to buck and I could tell she was getting aroused. I tongued her navel, then moved to her pussy opening. I swiftly grazed her clit, and she bucked, but I moved on to her vagina, pushing my tongue into the opening and moving my tongue around, lapping up her plentiful juices. Brenda grabbed my hair and pulled my head back to her clit and began to move my head up and down, making sure my tongue stayed in contact with her clit until she had cum.

She pulled me back onto the hammock, saying “fuck the shit out of me cousin, fuck me hard. I need your cock rammed deep into my cunt.”

Not knowing I was going to get laid at the family reunion, I did not bring any condoms, and I told her so. “so what” she said. “if you knock me up, that dumb fuck of a husband of mine will think it is his anyway. So fuck me and plant some fertile seed in me now.” I did as she asked,

I had never fucked in a hammock, and boy, it is quite the experience. It added a whole new dimension to the whole fucking game. As my cock entered Brenda, I was surprised how tight she was because I do not have a large cock, no more than six inches. The hammock swayed as a I pounded my cock as deep into my cousin as I could go, and Brenda moaned and bucked as she came. Then I unloaded stream after stream of cum as far into her pussy as I could. When I finished, Brenda surprised me by asking me to get off the hammock, and as I stood by her, she took my limp cock and put it in her mouth and sucked it clean. I then went down on her again, and cleaned her pussy of our commingled juices, then we began to french kiss, which led to another frenzied fuck, this time on the ground below the hammock, with Brenda on top.

It was a morning of great fucking, and we fucked four more times that weekend. Sadly for me, we never fucked again after that. By the way, she did not get pregnant.